Piano Lessons taken Biltmore Park in Asheville, NC

Piano Teacher Patrick Lopez-Asheville, NC.The passion of music!

Piano Teacher Patrick Lopez-Asheville, NC.The passion of music!

Patrick Lopez teaching Piano

Piano Teacher Patrick Lopez-Asheville, NC.The passion of music!

When it comes to taking piano lessons at home, there are some key things you have to consider to make the experience enjoyable for the student. The passion of taking lessons starts with the right piano!

1. Buy a piano. This may or may not seem like a no-brainer to you,I will explain. Your child will not make progress without a piano at home with which they can practice between lessons. So until you have a piano just ask me to find one that is suitable for you. I personally enjoy a Steinway and Sons. It is such a great instrument!

Ideally you will buy a good acoustic piano, but there might be reasons why you would prefer a digital piano. (usually issues related to living in an apartment or a very small house). You want an acoustic piano because it does cool stuff that digital pianos can’t do.

– things like capturing harmonics when you silently depress the keys and then play other keys,playing different sounds ( electric piano, strings, clavinovas,etc) They are great things to have but ideally is the real piano action is what you want to strive for.

But if a digital piano is the best option for you you’ll discover that a digital piano offers some wonderful extras that acoustic pianos don’t deliver (things like recording your performance and a variety of sound options – how many extras, and how wonderful they are, will depend on the quality of the digital piano you buy). The thing is you need weighted keys, touch sensitivity, a fixed pedal, a music stand that is not flimsy, and a sound that really does match the sound of a piano. I cannot stress that enough!

If you really need assistance in just getting a piano, just ask me. Send me a email to: infor@patricklopez.com


New Piano and Sound Recording Student-Tino


From Student:

Hello music world this is Tino here! I want to let everyone out there who is interested in taking their music to the next level and is searching for someone to help them do so, well look no further Patrick Lopez can help you do so. My first

lesson with him gave me my confidence back and has me producing music on a totally different/higher level.
Better writing and music composition is what im learning,
how to listen to today’s music melodies and transform them into a sound of my own. Check him out!

New Piano Student- John

Parents often comment to us that they want their children’s piano teacher to make lessons “fun”. Many teachers respond to this desire by working hard to make lessons more pleasurable for students. This certainly makes sense to a degree, since lessons that become drudgery are hard to continue and succeed at over the long term. However, the single-minded pursuit of fun may not be the best reason for, or approach to, piano lessons. Lessons should be comprised of real learning, leavened with fun aspects. There need not be a dichotomy or conflict between learning and fun. It’s just a matter of approach, on the part of both the parents and teacher.