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Piano Teacher Patrick Lopez-Asheville,Hendersonville-Greenville,SC.

When it comes to teaching piano, my students young and old like the fact that their teacher is available no matter what part of the world you are at. You would think think private piano lessons will limit you to a room. That is so on the contrary. Online lessons are here from the comfort of your home.

Online Piano Lessons

Well you say How does that work. With online chatting programs like Skype and Face time, we have our own virtual classroom. All you need is

  • Computer or a Ipad, tablet
  • A fast Internet connection
  • Your instrument
  • and a BIG SMILE!

The practical part of having online lessons is that while you are listening and seeing live examples,I give you how to video links to see and give more examples. It also gives the brain a break and engages you to be entertained with fun examples.


In our virtual classroom, hearing music is an exciting learning tool. Music not only has the power to stimulate the mind, enrich the heart and soothe the soul; it can also help you relax and focus on the joy of playing your instrument with more love in the heart.

I provide practical, effective activities to help you teach the basics of your chosen instrument. Portions of the lessons can also be recorded online.

A daily or weekly log is kept to keep check on progress. It is sometimes a great tool to provide motivation in seeing where we all started. I am always learning as well.


Get Started Today!

if you are ready to jump right in to learning the piano with Patrick Lopez, Just click here for more information. I will be able to guide you in your steps to achieve your dreams of playing the piano!






Arden NC Piano Teacher-Patrick Lopez-Lessons 2017

Arden NC Piano Teacher-Patrick Lopez-Lessons 2017

Arden NC Piano Teacher-Patrick Lopez-Lessons 2017

Arden NC Piano Teacher-Patrick Lopez-Lessons 2017
Arden NC Piano Teacher-Patrick Lopez-Lessons 2017

Top Reasons to take Arden NC Piano Lessons with Patrick Lopez

Hobbies can change us to our very core – and Arden NC piano lessons make no exception. Maybe even more than any other hobby, learning to play the piano can bring a lot of marvelous benefits in your life.

Why exactly would you start taking Arden NC piano lessons? I have gathered some of the top reasons to convince you – so read on and find out more.

  • It will be an awesome skill. How many people do you know to play the piano? We bet there aren’t a lot of them – even in your extended friends and family group. Playing an instrument can make you the soul of a party – and the piano is definitely a unique and truly special instrument to play.
  • Music as a hobby can be more than relaxing. Sadly, we’re living in a fast-paced world that doesn’t allow us to just sit back and relax. Therefore, we all have to make the most out of the little time we have available. Learning to play the piano can help you de-stress while focusing on something meaningful and soul-enriching.
  • Last, but definitely not least, music as a hobby can actually help you boost a variety of skills. Your concentration, your organizational, and your creativity will all have plenty of advantages to reap from learning to play the piano.

Arden NC Piano Teacher-Patrick Lopez-Lessons 2017

Music makes the world go round – and thankfully, we’re surrounded by it every single day. In movies, on the car ride home, when playing games on the computer or simply when Spotify-ing the latest Queen Bey album, music is an essential part of our lives. In many ways, it runs through our veins – can you even imagine a life without music?

My Arden NC Piano Lessons are here to help you “run” away from the world and simply do something beautiful. Contact me today @ 305-343-9065 – you’ll love what I offer!

Patrick Lopez Experience great turnout!-Fall For Greenville 2016

Patrick Lopez Experience great turnout!-Fall For Greenville 2016

Patrick Lopez Experience great turnout!-Fall For Greenville 2016

Fall For Greenville 2016 with the Patrick Lopez Experience

Patrick Lopez Experience great turnout!-Fall For Greenville 2016. It was a beautiful day and a honor to kick off the Fall for Greenville. In retrospect, there were too many acts that I wish i could have seen being that over 75 artists gave their art this weekend. All in all, i had the privilege to share the stage with the great Miami Guitarist Jorge Garcia.

The Latin Jazz Miami Sound to Greenville, SC.

Jorge Garcia is in his own right a very accomplished musician. Here is a little bit about Jorge…


Guitarist Jorge Garcia’s intense passion for his instrument is immediately visible and equally audible through his soulful original compositions. Impeccable, melodic solos and supportive, rhythmic guitar work are Garcia’s trademarks and are always a joy to experience. Jorge Garcia has performed with great talent the likes of: Tony Bennett, Richie Cole, Patti Page, Andrea Bocelli and Joel Grey to name a few.

So as you can see The Patrick Lopez Experience in Greenville, Sc had some nice latin elements of from music we bring from our influences. We mixed up classic jazz standards with afro cuban beats…We had couples dancing to the latin jazz mix, it was a real treat.

Patrick Lopez Experience great turnout!-Fall For Greenville 2016

By the end of the show we got to meet and greet native Greenvillians and had the chance to sign autographs, pass out information of upcoming shows and had people interested in Music lessons with Patrick Lopez.  It was such a treat to provide the style of music we love to play at the Fall on Greenville for 2016. We do have planned to come back next year with a bigger band a possible night slot. So for 2017, make sure you check out the Fall on Greenville website to see what is in store for next year!