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As your trumpet teacher, I make it a point to have fun! While you may find many books on trumpet playing, this instrument can be really difficult to learn on your own. I have taught over 500 students including individuals in private sessions or and in a band setting. I have found that playing will advance at a faster rate by seeking a proper trumpet techniques such as breathing, fingering, and lip exercises.



At first, it will be easy just sit and talk about your love for the trumpet. When i started some time ago,the sound is what grabbed my attention. I truly believe a good sound plays a big role in your love for the trumpet.

Things to consider when studying the trumpet


Having a functioning embouchure is the key to success.Countless times I have encountered numerous students coming from bad habits ( too much pressure, closing their teeth, not enough support from bottom jaw) All this is vital for a healthy embouchure.


Like anything that requires tools to do something, Lungs to breathe, Teeth to chew, Technique is vital in being able to perform on this very complex and beautiful instrument. from fingerings, to proper placement of the fingers and left hand on the trumpet, these are things I cover in detail.


Yes believe it or not a certain amount of a disciplined attitude is required in playing the trumpet. So many things now days are so easy to achieve that we forget that we constantly have to retrain a muscle to do its tasks.

Its sometimes really hard to get on a routine with so much of us having busy schedules but enjoy the process is my motto. In enjoying the process, the focus is on learning the craft and in due time you will see the benefits of your hard work!

Music Lessons with Patrick Lopez-Trumpet Teacher in Asheville,Hendersonville NC is available online or in person. When in Asheville Music Lessons with Patrick Lopez is highly rated teacher. With over 22 reviews, I take care honor in saying that i enjoy what I do.

Music Lessons with Patrick Lopez-Trumpet Teacher in Asheville,Hendersonville NC