Patrick Lopez records music for Dr. Scott Routenberg 2004 winner of John Lennon Songwriting Contest’s Maxell Song of the Year.

Scott Routenberg

An eclectic and groove-based mix of jazz, electronica, funk, world music, and film music from the 2004 winner of John Lennon Songwriting Contest’s Maxell Song of the Year.  Bandwidth is published as a single on EMI Records.


“The soundtrack-ready opus resembles some of fellow keyboardist Herbie Hancock’s future shocks.”


“Great writing and playing-very inventive and original-that’s so nice to hear.”


All compositions written and arranged by Scott Routenberg except the following: Shores of Paradise and Designer Bossa, written by Scott Routenberg and Sofia Kraevska; Gluteus Groove and Chicken Pickin’, written by Scott Routenberg and Billy Contreras.  All compositions published by Denmaster Music (ASCAP), except Bandwidth, published by EMI April Music (ASCAP).



Scott Routenberg- programming, keyboards, piano, Fender Rhodes
Sofia Kraevska- vocals, lyrics, co-writer
Billy Contreras- violin
Brandon Wright- tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet
Patrick Lopez- trumpet
Phil Doyle- flute
Brian Perez- bass clarinet
Maria F. Castillo- flute
Douglas Lora Las Casas- acoustic guitar
Marie-Helene Gagnon- cello
Helen Huifang Chen- violin
Kristi Rostad- harp
Aaron Mitter- acoustic bass
Jon Dadurka- acoustic bass
Tim Weir- trumpet
Jeremy Levy- trombone
Dan Kinzelman- flute, bass clarinet
Jason Carder- EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) )
Chris Whiteman- electric guitar