Bele Chered Out…

It’s time to say goodbye (or good riddance) to Bele Chere. After 35 years, this weekend signals the beginning of the end for the local street festival. Cause of death? Constraints in the city budget. Earlier this year, members of Asheville City Council announced that the city could no longer pay the $450,000 required to finance the summer street festival after this year.

But after vendors pack up their wares, city crews break down each stage and Bele Chere’s final sweaty hour comes and goes this Sunday, how will the 35-year-old festival be remembered? With an ode to its coconut drinks? With a video of the final jump from the Ultimate Air Dogs show? With a tweet longing for meat on a stick? With a haiku about tourists in jorts? With a complaint about incredulous traffic levels? With your own sermon about Bele Chere’s street preachers? With a rant that Bele Chere actually deserved to die?

Tell us. Xpress wants you to help write Bele Chere’s obituary. There’s no need for epics, so keep it short. Leave your words of condemnation and condolence as a comment on this post or on our Facebook page. You can also send your obituary toXpress reporter Caitlin Byrd at